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MMCS Marine Monitoring & Automation Platform Overview


MMCS is a modular design - expandable monitoring & automation platform developed by Zalda Technology.  With a vision of tomorrow's fully automated digital harbor, Zalda designed the MMCS to be a part of the harbor digital infrastructure to meet expanding future needs. Internally refered to as our "electric Lego", MMCS is so flexible that we have built over 15 application systems / sub systems upon it so far.  Some of the most notable ones are:

  • Harbor BIM Smart Fender System System ( Fender Monitoring System ) goblueNew

  • Harbor BSM / BSM-S Berthing Status Monitoring System

  • Harbor MLM Mooring Load Monitoring System

  • Harbor MEM Marine Environmental Monitoring System

  • Harbor HSM - ACM Marine Equipment Status Monitoring and Control System

  • Vessel Automated Davit - Fendering System ( for Offshore Transfer Operation )

  • Highway Collision Monitoring & Alarm System

  • Highway Traffic Monitoring System

  • Automated Multi Function Fender - Mooring Device Testing Apparatus ( Internal )

  • Multi Crane 3D Robotic Collaboration System ( Internal )

  • Network Programmable Power Management System ( Internal )

Click here to download literature for our main MMCS Marine Monitoring & Automation Application Systems

All MMCS application systems are essentially built on the same set of core hardware and software. 

MMCS Vision

MMCS platform was practically developed to fulfill ideas that are not yet conceived   Therefore we need it to be extremely versatile.

Multi Purposes Multi Functions 

All MMCS core devices, or "interface stations", are flexible multifunctional units capable of most common industrial monitoring, automation and system management tasks and are designed to meet expanding needs with existing structure.

Network Monitoring & Control Concept 

MMCS platform duplicates the already extensive monitoring & control functionalities of each field Local Interface Station for network broadcast.  This allows every interface station in the MMCS network to serve as a virtial central control room, and perform the monitoring & automation functions of all interface stations within the system.

Modular Design - Open Structure 

To grow with new technologies and changing customer demands, MMCS platform hardware and software components are built upon modular function blocks. These function blocks can be mixed and matched to work in different configurations and function groups that fit in the customer's appetite and wallet. MMCS core devices ( Local Interface Stations ( LIS ), Data Exchange Stations ( DES ) or Central Stations ( CS ) come with built in spare processing power, storage and IO, as well as industry standard software and hardware interfaces designed to expand with mainstream technology and a wide range of equipments, whether they are Zalda equipments, end user equipments or 3rd party equipments. Modular structure and open structure give MMCS customers the peace of mind that their existing system can adapt and expand with future demands at minimal cost.

Reliable Safety Strategy 

A variety of safety strategies complement the extensive capabilities of MMCS. To minimize risks associated with human errors, hardware failures, and intentional intrusions, attention was paid to every details pertaining safety, such as layered user login / authorization, data transfer encryption and reconciliation, crisis management strategy, and data multi location backup & recovery.

MMCS Features

  • Modular design, open structure and built in multi monitoring / control capability allows any MMCS system to grow with changing needs at minimum cost and effort 

  • Every station can serve as multi function central monitoring & control terminal. See LIS / CS literature for details 

  • Multi channel user inteface, including MMCS interface station data interface & AV alarms, large display panel, and 2G - 3G / RF wireless mobile device interface

  • Multimedia user interface with audio - visual interface and CCTV integration

  • Preset or real time automation programming

With the flexibility and potential of the MMCS platform, Zalda is able to develop custom monitoring & automation solutions to integrate, or integrate with, customer data interface, equipments and applications.

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Marine Monitoring & Control Hardware

LIS Local Interface Stations

DCS / DMS Digital Control Stations  
Sensor hub / Network Gateway / Network Storage
Local Network Controller / Local Network Monitor
Programmable Control / Straight Forward Monitoring
Rugged Construction / Mass Storage
CMS / CCS Computer Monitoring Stations HMS / HCS Handheld Monitoring Stations
Work with MMCS-PC Suite Software / Control Option
Ultimate Monitoring/Analysis/Reporting Functionalities
Mobile monitoring Device with Control Option
Active System Data Acquisition Capability
LS Series Load Sensors DS Series Distance Sensors
10-250T Load Measurement For MLM System / QRHS
Better Than 1% Accuracy / IP-EXD / Customizable
200-500m Laser Distance Measurement For BSM System
Millimeter Accuracy / IP-EXD
LDMU Large Display Monitoring Units WDS Series Wind Sensors

Large Ultra Bright Display Visible From Great Distance
Key BSM Data Display & General Message Board

Accurate Measurement of Wind Speed & Direction
For Integration into MEM Sub System

CS Series Current Sensors BIM-PSU PSU Fender Positioning Sensor Unit
Accurate Measurement of Current Speed & Direction
For Integration into MEM Sub System
Accurate Measurement of Fender Frontal Structure 3D Coordinates for Fender Monitoring & Berthing Impact Monitoring
Marine Monitoring & Automation Software
MMCS PC Suite BSM Software BIMberthingimpactmonitoring MMCS PC Suite BIM Berthing Impact Monitoring Software
Berthing Status / Drift Status Monitoring & Analysis
Point or Curve Based Vessel Positioning
Berthing Imapct Monitoring / Accident Accessment - Warning
Accurate Fender Status Monitoring / Maintenance Guidance
MMCS PC Suite MLM Software MMCS PC Suite ACM Automation Software
Mooring Load Monitoring & Analysis for Quick Releaes Mooring Hooks, Mooring Bollards, and Mooring Winches Network Automation for Drives and Actuators
Real Time or Preset Programmed Controls
  MMCS PC Suite MEM Software MMCS PC Suite Fender-Mooring Testing Software
Marine Environmental Monitoring & Analysis
Current / Tide / Wave / Air ( Gas ) Monitoring
Fender System Performance Monitoring & Analysis
In House or Field Testing Capability
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