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Marine Capstans - Drives Overview


Zalda Marine Capstans - Drives  products join the power of Zalda monitoring & control system and the strength of the Zalda mechanical products to create "integrated harbor berthing - mooring solutions".

CA / CB Series capstan and custom windlass / winches bring machine aid to mooring tasks with quick release hooks and bollards.  AE / AH Series Actuator allow mooring lines to be released from quick release hooks without manual labor.

Zalda also modify standard drives, actuators and automation products and combine them with Zalda fabricated products & control / monitoring products to create custom automation and monitoring solution for gangway towers, winches, , motorized turn tables, specialty cranes, etc..  Click here to see general drive & automation customization features.

Zalda drive & automation products can be fully integrated with our MMCS Marine Monitoring and Automation PlatformWith our drive and automation products, Zalda bring "power" to common harbor tools and turn them into "machines".  With Zalda MMCS products, we then bring "network monitoring and control" to these "machines" and turn them into "robots".

Electric certification from all major classification societies available



CA Series Integrated Capstan

    AE Series Electric Actuators  
1-10T Standard Model for QRHS
Automation / EXD / IP Options
Standard Model For QRHS Release
Automation / EXD / IP Options
  CB Series Stand Alone Capstan   AH Series Electro Hydraulic Actuators
Vertical or Horizontal Configurations
Automation / EXD / IP Options
Standard Model For QRHS Release
Automation / EXD / IP Options
  Custom Drives & Automation      
Winches / Gangway Towers etc.
MEM Sensor Cranes / LDMU Turn Tables etc.
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