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Marine Fender System Overview


As one the worldwide leaders in fender engineering and manufacturing, Zalda stand out with our distinguished experience and integrated design / manufacturing capability extending far beyond fendering. Our speciaities in mooring patterns design, berthing - fender - mooring monitoring and saftety strategy design, marine structure design, and mooring device design, allow us to see a drastically bigger picture than our fellow fender companies. 

Known for well balanced quality and cost efficiency, Zalda Technology fender product range is able to accommodate harbors and vessels of all sizes. Besides traditional fendering products, Zalda is also experienced in mechanically and hydraulically aided fender systems. When necessary Zalda will customize our existing products to meet the demand of the applications. We will have something for any fendering application.  Click here to see general fender customization features.

To let Zalda design your fender systems, please click here to download our Fender Design Questionnaires.

A new breed of fender systems is coming your way.  Smart Fender Systems, or conventional fender systems equipped with Zalda Smart Fender technology, will revolutionize fendering with Preemptive Fender Design Optimization & Preemptive Fender Maintenance, instant berthing accident & fender damage alarms, as well as fender based berthing impact data historical database.  Please click here to visit our Smart Fender page. Newgoblue


Optional custom lighting solution enhances navigational / personnel safety and embellishes image conscious passenger terminals.  Please click here for more information about fender lighting.




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I Series Element Fenders

    D Series D Shape Fenders  
Excellent ER Ratio / Flexible Installation
300mm-1600mm Standoff Standard Models
Ideal For Beam - Pile Installation / Simple & Versatile
150mm-600mm Standoff Standard Models
  SC Series Super Cell Fenders   R Series Rectangular Fenders
Excellent ER Ratio / Non Directional Performance
400mm-3000 Standoff Standard Models
Ideal For Beam - Pile Installation / Simple & Versatile
150mm-600mm Standoff Standard Models
  UC Series Ultra Cell Cone Fenders   TC/TCS Series Turn Cell Fenders
Outstanding ER Ratio / Unrivaled Angular Performance
600mm-2000mm Standoff Standard Models
Ideal For Channel - Corner Protection / 1-3 Cell Configuration
400m-3000 Standoff Standard Models
  A Series Super Arch Fenders   EC Series End Loaded Cell Fenders
Excellent ER Ratio / Easy Stand Alone Installation
200mm-1000mm Standoff Standard Models
Ideal For Ship to Ship Application / Easy Installation
400mm-3000mm Standoff Standard Models
  O Series Cylindrical Fenders   Custom Fenders
Moderate ER Ratio / Easy Stand Alone Installation
100mm-5000mm Standoff Standard Models
Special Applications / Replacements Custom Dimensions / Material /
Specifications / Bolt Pattern
  F Series Foam Filled Floating Fenders   Marine Hardware
Ideal For Wide Tidal Range / Easy Installation
400mm-5000mm Standoff Standard Models
Front Panels / Standoff Compensators / Tilting Limit Pivot Arms
Specialty Chains / Hardware

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