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Customization Overview


Most harbor berthing - mooring applications are custom design applications.  Through all our 20+ years in the business we are not able to find two identical applications because of so many variables.  Each application stands for a set of unique requirements.  Therefore custom solution has become our way of life. 

See below chart for the common customization features we offer on our standard product lines.  Note we can develop custom products and solutions for you if our standard products can't be customized to meet the requirements.  Please contact us if you require further information.

Fenders Mooring Hooks Mooring Bollards / Cleats Capstans / Winches MMCS Monitoring & Automation
Custom Rubber Fender Element Custom Hook Custom Bollard / Cleat Custom Capstan Monitoring 
Rubber Element Configuration Hook Configuration Casting Material Line Pull Local - Remote - Network
Rubber Formulation - ER Hook Material Heat Treatment Line Speed Load
Rubber Shape Hook Vertical Rotation Angle Casting External Shape Drum Size / Line Capacity Angle / Rotation / Orientation
Rubber Color Hook Horizontal Rotation Angle Casting Internal Shape Height Distance / Level
Fender Bolt Hole Pattern Line Slip Lock Casting Bolt Pattern Bollard Pull Speed / Acceleration
  Pier Connection Adaptation Coating Material  Breaking Device Wireless Positioning
Panel Material   Coating Color Rotation Wind
Panel Flare Adaptation Anchor Material Line Slip Lock Control Current
Panel Belting Adaptation Anchor Type Pier Connection Adaptation Pier Connection Adaptation Wave / Tide
Panel Structural Analysis and Design Anchor Dimension   Air
Panel Dimension Anchor Coating Anchor Material Coating Material  Visibility
Panel Corner Shape   Anchor Type Coating Color Gas
Panel Lifting Capstan Integration Anchor Dimension   Custom Monitoring Functions
Panel Coating Material Capstan Style Anchor Coating Constant Tension  
Panel Coating Color Capstan Line Pull Break off Anchor Design Synchronization Automation 
Panel Cathodic Control Capstan Line Speed Lighting   Local - Remote - Network
Panel Air Tight Capstan Drum Size Mooring Load Monitoring Lighting Programable On-Off
Panel Pile Connection Capstan Rise Electric Insulation Programable Pulse
Panel Mechanical Aid Connection Capstan Bollard Pull Line Slip Lock Hazardous Classification Electric Actuator Motion / Status
Panel Built-in Ladder Capstan Break   Insulation Classification Hydraulic Actuator Motion / Status
Panel Built-in Mooring Device Capstan Rotation Lighting Power Supply Capstan / Winch Constant Tension
Panel Built-in Navigation Aids Capstan Control     Capstan / Winch Synchronization
Panel Built-in Walkway   System Dynamic Analysis System Dynamic Analysis Large Display Turntable Angle
Panel Built-in Small Craft Deflector Coating Material  3rd Party Certifications 3rd Party Certifications Laser Scanner Angle
Panel Interconnection Coating Color   Custom Automation Functions
Panel Marking      
  Hook Release Actuator Type   Local Interface Station
Chain Dimensions     Display Module
Chain Material Mooring Load Monitoring   Keyboard Module
Chain Configuration Hook Status Monitoring   Local Storage Module
Chain Coating Hook Release Automation   Drive Automation Module
Chain Weak Link Hook Angle Monitoring   Network Module
  AV Alarm   Bluetooth Module
PE Material Lighting   AV Alarm
PE Color System Dynamic Analysis    
PE Shape 3rd Party Certifications   Central Interface Station
PE Dimension Commissioning / Training   Custom Pier Layout
PE Chamfer     Custom Equipment Layout
PE Bolt Pattern     Indication Display
      Special Language Interface
Anchor Pattern     Custom GUI Features
Anchor Material     Email / SMS / RF / WWW
Anchor Type     Computer Perepharals
Anchor Dimension     AV Alarm
Anchor Coating     Custom Data Protocol
Anti Fouling Measures     MMCS System
Fender Cover Sheet      
      Berthing Status Monitoring
Hydraulic Fender Components     Berthing Impact Monitoring
Mechanical Motion Guidance     Mooring Load Monitoring
      Mooring Hook Automation
Pier Connection Adaptation     Marine Environment Monitoring
Panel Connection Adaptation      
Standoff Adaptation     Motion Synchronization
      Load Constant Tension
Lighting      Programmed Rotation
      Programmed Linear Motion
Fender Status Monitoring      
      Electric Insulation
System Dynamic Analysis     Hazardous Classification
3rd Party Certifications     Insulation Classification
Commissioning / Training     Power Supply
      3rd Party Certifications
        Commissioning / Training


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