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To thrive with the best blend of technology, product, quality and cost-efficiency, is the business philosophy of Zalda Technology, USA. 

As a manufacturer originated from an engineering firm, we seriously attempts to optimize and revolutionize our systems and components for all our projects; and we always try to venture beyond the products and projects, and beyond the boundary of the current technology.  This motivates us to constantly develop and release new products and solutions every single year since 1991.  Our 20 years of experience in the harbor berthing - fendering - mooring process and applications, combined with in-depth understanding of our own products, allows us to see a much bigger pictures than our competitors, making us a peerless one stop berthing - fendering - mooring solution provider.  

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Our specialties are:


Ship Berthing Status Monitoring -- Our BSM system actively guides the ship to safely dock onto the terminal.  The BSM is a laser distance sensor based system that  monitors marine vessel berthing and drifting status.  Unlike its competitors, Zalda BSM system also has curve scanning capability and is not limited by vessel hull shape and elevation range.   goblue

Berthing Impact Monitoring -- Our BIM system passively measures the actual amplitude of the berthing impacts and detects berthing accidents.  This is done through monitoring the 3D movements of the dock fenders with wireless positioning sensors.  It also provides fender preventive maintenance guidance and long term statistic aides for fender design, dock structural design, mooring design, and marine navigational studies.  goblueNew


Marine Fender System -- Our fenders systems protect both the ship and dock from damage during berthing and mooring.  Fender systems are designed to absorb ship berthing energy within the structural limits of the dock, the berthing vessel and the fender system itself, through a scientific arrangement of rubber, hydraulic, steel fabrication, and composite components.  Zalda Technology fender systems are designed, manufactured, and tested per PIANC requirements.  goblue


Fender System Monitoring -- Our BIM / fender monitoring system, also know as the "Smart / Digital Fender " or "Berthing Impact Monitoring System", monitors fender reaction force, energy absorption, 3D displacement / angle / speed for indivisual fenders, and generates terminal wide global berthing impact indications.  Based on the monitoring data, the BIM is able to provide automatic berthing accident indications and fender preventive maintenance guidance.  goblueNew


Mooring Devices -- Our large selection of mooring bollards, cleats, quick release hooks, and deck mooring equipment keep marine vessels safely moored to the dock.  goblue

Mooring Capstans -- Our mooring capstans speed up mooring process by reducing mooring work load.  goblue

Mooring Load Monitoring -- Our MLM system measures the load on the mooring lines and provides overload, under load, unexpected load and unexpected release warnings.  Compared to its competitors, Zalda MLM system stands out with vector decomposition capabilities that is crucial for structural studies.  goblue

Mooring Line Automation -- Our ACM system allows the release of mooring line, through preset or real time programs, at a touch of a button, from the dock or the deck.      goblue


As one of the world leaders in fendering, we are experienced in all type of fender system applications conceivable, including conventional ship and terminal applications, special navy applications, offshore applications, underwater applications, extreme environment applications, mechanically / hydraulic aided fendering applications, critical monitored fendering applications and much more.  Network fender monitoring is available through integration of Zalda BIM system.  goblue

We also carry the largest mooring bollard & cleat line in the world.  With the latest computer design technology. we are able to design mooring bollards and cleats by adjusting bollard shape, wall thickness, material strength, bolt hole numbers & positions to meet the need of the most demanding mooring applications.  Bollard anti slip solutions are also available upon request.  goblue

Zalda Technology Z series quick release mooring hook systems are available in 1-6 hook configurations, up to 200T per hook, with full integration with our capstans / actuators and MMCS monitoring -automation systems for capstan aided mooring, automated line release, and network / remote hook status monitoring - mooring load monitoring goblue

Besides our bollards, cleats, and quick release hooks, we also have a collection of deck mooring related products.    goblue

Zalda Technology drives & automation products are electric / hydraulic / pneumatic powered, custom engineered marine grade drive systems.  They are combined with Zalda mechanical / fabricated products and certified electric control components to create integrated and stand alone capstans / winches / windlasses, quick release hook actuators, etc..  Network monitoring and control of these equipment can be done through integration with Zalda MMCS monitoring & automation platform.  goblue

Zalda Technology MMCS platform is the central node of our "integrated harbor berthing - fendering - mooring solution" .  With this platform we have and will continue to redefine traditional fender systems and mooring devices with new monitoring and automation technologies.  Built on the concept of network control and monitoring, our modular - expandable Marine Monitoring & Control System platform ( MMCS ) offers a variety of application systems including BSM Berthing -Drifting Status Monitoring System, BIM Berthing Impact Monitoring System / Fender Monitoring System, MLM Mooring Load Monitoring System, MEM Marine Environmental Monitoring System, HSM - ACM Marine Equipment Status Monitoring and Control System.  MMCS application systems embrace various MMCS core components and extension components, and deliver monitoring and automation functions to its users through an unified multi purpose - multiplex information sub system.  The MMCS is an ongoing revolution in harbor monitoring and control that has already given our customers endless possibilities.  goblue


With an engineering company tradition, Zalda Technology constantly seeks to broaden our vision, optimize designs and rigorously R&D for new solutions for the marine industry.  With our capability in rubber engineering & manufacturing, steel fabrication & casting, structural engineering, fluid dynamics engineering, electric & automation engineering, software engineering, and system integration, Zalda Technology is proud to be one of the most innovative and capable companies in the industry.

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